Sarah Walton

Returning to wholeness

Hamsa, or ‘swan’ in sanskrit, is the symbol of pure being, our soul's highest aspiration. Through removing the blocks which prevent us from realizing this state, we move closer to experiencing our true selves, limitless beings in a state of infinite freedom, rather than the self-limited, smaller selves we mistakenly believe ourselves to be. In the process of this unfolding, I offer support and encouragement through body work, yoga practice, workshops and conscious birth.


Body Work



Sarah offers Shiatsu massage over comfortable clothing, performed on a table, using fingers, thumbs and palms over specific meridian points based on the Chinese Meridian system. Sometimes passive stretching, joint manipulation and Traditional Chinese Medicine coaching can accompany the treatment. The result is a holistic sense of well-being. 

 $110 for 1 hour 

 $160 for 1.5 hours        

 $200 for 2 hours

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Soul Work


Core Pattern Reading

Learn how to recognize life patterns and receive loving guidance to move beyond them. This process opens you to receive your deepest healing and live a life of freedom. 

$150/1.5 hour session, this session is recorded for your benefit

Karmic Extraction

A deep healing session to liberate past impressions and stories from the karmic body.

$120/1 hour session, this session is recorded for your benefit

Soul Massage

Shamanic and angelic techniques are both employed in this deeply relaxing healing session to restore wholeness. 



Birth Work

Doula services

Labour support includes, pre-natal and post-natal consultation, and body work. I offer a range of packages, to suit each family's needs.

3 pre-natal sessions (2.5 hours)+ one pre-natal massage (one hour) + customized pre-natal yoga practice + on call from the onset of labour through to the completion of the birth + one post natal visit (2.5 hours)


3 pre-natal sessions (2.5 hours) + one pre-natal massage (one hour)+ customized pre-natal yoga practice +one post natal visit (2.5 hours)


Attending the birth (on call a possible 24 hours) providing support  from the onset of labour until the completion of the birth 


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