Sarah Walton

Returning to wholeness

Hamsa, or ‘swan’ in sanskrit, is the symbol of pure being, our soul's highest aspiration. Through removing the blocks which prevent us from realizing this state, we move closer to experiencing our true selves, limitless beings in a state of infinite freedom, rather than the self-limited, smaller selves we mistakenly believe ourselves to be. In the process of this unfolding, I offer support and encouragement through body work, yoga practice, workshops and conscious birth.

Sarah Walton (Hamsa) began in the healing arts in 1990 with four year of Ngondro Practice with Tibetan Buddhist teacher Catherine Rathbun. Later, with Ananda Shakti, she studied Kriya Yoga, a mixture of chanting, asana, pranayama and meditation that invoke devotion, trust and divine inspiration. She believes that our time on the planet is about integrating the different aspects of the self. This is the main tenent of her practice and teaching. Included in Sarah’s 20 years of practice are Ayurvedic massage, mindfulness-meditation workshops, stress-reduction seminars, conscious-birth services, and Art of Life karmic readings.

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